I Heart Beer

Bombers are difficult to sell at our restaurant, but I can’t *not* buy them. We don’t have a store like Whole Foods or the Boise Food Co-op which carry dozens upon dozens of exotic and tasty brews.

And I like beer.

Honestly, though, I’ve only had two beers in the last two weeks. One was a Guinness Stout and the other was a Mirror Pond because I knew the keg was about to blow and I was doing my part to finish ‘er up.

We carry about 35ish 12oz. bottled beers, two brews on tap, and then about 5 to 10 different bombers (pictured above) on any given day.

Beer is an art. To make it requires a bit of chemistry, a moderate knowledge of mathematics, and a huge investment of passion. Bad beer is bad. Not worthy of the calories or waste of palette.

“OK” beer is bad.Why waste your time?

Good beer is decent, sure, but really… would you rather waste your time/money on good or great beer?

I’m fortunate to live in a town with a place like Barley Brown’s (a local brewpub), but with my schedule, I’m lucky to find the time to get in there during their business hours. I get jealous when someone tells me how crazy-good their latest concoction is. And I get even more fired-up on Sundays, because I can almost guarantee that we’ll have someone from out of town ask for one of their brews (Barley’s is closed on Sundays, and they don’t bottle or can their beers for re-sale).

I bought two cases of Deschutes Brewery’s Abyss this year, but still haven’t tried it. I need to do a vertical tasting with last year’s, but need to find 1: Someone to drink them with me and 2: Time to drink them.


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5 Responses to I Heart Beer

  1. shannon says:

    The local beer is why I gained 30 pounds! I am such a beer snob now.

  2. Jon says:

    One of those beers is not like the others…

    Kina, I’m gonna do a 5 year vertical of Abyss sometime soon – 2006 through 2010. You’re implicitly invited. Of course, you’re gonna have to come to Bend. 🙂

    • KeenEye says:

      WHAT?!??? You have 06 07 and 08 somewhere?

      This is very very very Very.

      Let’s figure out a time that I’ll be in Bend that we can do this. I’ll bring the ’08-’10 if you supply the ’06-’07. This is so awesome I’m tapping my foot really really really fast. That’s a good sign.

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