We had a health inspection again. They always seem to show up right in the middle of lunch, or worse, right after we’ve had a rush.

Imagine preparing meals for 50+ people in an hour, most of which entail the use of flour being tossed in the air and shredded cheese generously topping the meal. Our last inspection, that was the only problem we were written up about. Debris on the floor. It had been swept into a pile near the back trash can, but not scooped up yet.

Even when it’s busy, we sweep constantly, otherwise our shoes track flour into the dining room and onto the carpet. Little white ghost footprints don’t look good out there, so we sweep sweep sweep everything as often as possible.

When the inspector walked in to the kitchen, the first thing I did was smile and say, “I’m getting a dustpan right now!”

I think the gesture was appreciated — that I remembered the one infraction from our last inspection.


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One Response to Inspection

  1. Juan Emanuel says:

    If you haven’t already seen this, you might find it interesting. All the restaurant inspection scores from Deschutes county. I know you have ties here.

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