The Customer Is Always Right.

How would you handle this situation?

A customer called in a to-go order for a pizza and a full salad. The order was repeated back, a total was quoted, and the conversation ended.

When the customer came to pick up the order and the bags of food were brought to the counter, the customer presented a credit card, it was swiped, and a slip was given for a signature.

It was then that the customer announced that they didn’t really want a full salad — it would be too much food.

“Can you just void my credit card and give me a half of a salad instead?”



Whitey equated this scenario to asking a gas attendant for $15 worth of gas, then after the gas is pumped saying that you really didn’t need that much… you’ll take $10 instead.


I’m curious what you would do in this situation? I’ll comment later as to how we handled it.

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6 Responses to T.C.I.A.R.

  1. Bend Blogger says:

    Don’t void the transaction, give her the full amount of the food and as an “exception” provide an in store credit for 1/2 salad to be used on a return trip/order.

  2. Andi Sexton says:

    Tell them you would be glad to do the 1/2 salad, and give them a ‘credit’ for next time they come in – equal the 1/2 salad amount and leave the original amt on the credit card…

  3. satchel says:

    easy. I would void the transaction and prepare them a half salad.

  4. skippymom says:

    That’s tough, but knowing where I used to work it would be a void, make the half salad and charge accordingly.

    I like the credit idea tho’. Never thought of that.

  5. KeenEye says:

    Funny thing — the comment by Satchel (above) was exactly what we did. He owns a pizza place, too, and so we think a lot alike. The customer is always right, for the most part.

    We took half of the salad and put it on a to-go plate, wrapped it, voided and re-rang the transaction. The other half of the salad was thrown out at the end of the night, thus making a sale that was negligible for profit. Yet, if we were to just give the salad away for the price of half a salad, it might become a standard that she (or others) would try in the future. So be it.

  6. SBG says:

    Customers are always interesting, aren’t they? Kind of like they gather outside developing strange requests just to drive ya nuts. LOL

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