I know this kid…

well, I guess he’s not a kid anymore. I met him when he was a kid, though, so it’s difficult to think of him as a young man.

I’ve written about him numerous times since opening Paizano’s — Calhoun. He’s a good kid nice young man, smart, works hard… just a genuinely good guy.

He’s coming back to work with us this Summer, and we’re stoked about it. James is leaving for a “real job” at the local wood manufacturing company (and is going to get his butt kicked at it) and so it’s perfect timing for Calhoun to jump back in to a full-time schedule. Of course, Calhoun will still be working a full-time day job as well doing landscaping. I think that his philosophy is that every hour on his butt is an hour he’s not making money to save for retirement.

If you have a Facebook profile, and wouldn’t mind helping me out (to help him out) would you please go to the following photo below and click LIKE below it? If the link is screwy, just type in Anderson Bean Boot Company and find the photo on their page to LIKE it.

The company who makes the boots is having a contest that ENDS TOMORROW and who ever has the most LIKES on their photo wins two pairs of rather spendy cowboy boots.

I’d love to see him and his lady friend win…. it’ll only take a couple of seconds to do this, and if he wins, he promises to do an over-the-top photo shoot for my blog readers. Right, Calhoun? 🙂

Thanks a lot friends!

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1 Response to I know this kid…

  1. Calhoun says:


    Thanks for the great post! Indeed, Jordan and I won. As for the photoshoot, I will let you know when the boots and I are in town!

    Talk to you soon,


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