Busy Season & the NotSoBusy Season

Calhoun won his boot contest. You guys were AWESOME by voting for him on the last day and thus he and his lady friend got to the finish line easily. Those boots are in the $500 price range, so he’s pretty stoked. Thank you!


Business is….



It’s so predictable, yet unpredictable. A friend who owns a successful restaurant here in Baker gave me great advice right after we had opened — to keep a journal of events that affect our business. The weather, tourist gatherings, road closures, etc. It seems like just a few months ago that we began these journals, but we now have four bound books that we refer to regarding how busy we had been in the past.

January stinks. It gets dark earlier, and sometimes we feel as if we’re staring at the clock waiting to close.

February is awful. We begin to notice the flecks of gold in the eyes of a co-worker because we’ve been staring at each other too long.

March begins to pick up (our town hosts a district and state high-school basketball tournament) and then dies. April? Barely matters.It’s easy. Normal.

We start seeing signs of life in May, and then June shows up and promptly slaps us upside the head. July, August, September and October keep our business in business, and we all lose weight from running around in circles turning tables and spinning pies.

November and December, we’ll do most of our advertising to try to eek out the holiday dollars that are spent on gift certificates and large family dinners…. only to go ’round the calendar again.


I’m thankful that we have a routine, though. Some restaurants don’t make it long enough to understand the vicious cycle of this industry.





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2 Responses to Busy Season & the NotSoBusy Season

  1. Jen says:

    I blame diets for January…thank goodness everyone is back on their sugar kicks again!

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