Spoke too soon

The last two nights were busy at the restaurant. Saturday was controlled chaos with lots of larger groups (attending the nearby district basketball tournaments) and so we broke our sales record for the year so far. Given, we’re only about 50-days into the year….

and last night we hit quota with mostly take-out and deliveries. When it snows, it kills our dine-in crowd, so it only makes sense that we’d do more deliveries than normal. No one wants to drive in the snow — so call a pizza place, right? Funny thing is, too, that when I was driving home from work I almost got T-boned by a Pizza Hut driver in front of my house.

That would have made for an interesting headline.


We were planning on doing our Boise buying trip tomorrow, but the forecast predicts yet more snow tomorrow so we’re doing the drive today. It’s a 2-hour, one-way commute to the “big city” but it’s a necessity. We just can’t purchase everything we need for the restaurant locally. I wish we could, but even then, we’d be hard pressed to find an independent restaurant supply store. So Costco and Cash n’ Carry it is.

The crew was amiable in switching our plans around, and it will be a good dress rehearsal for when we take time off later in the month. Big things are happening, and I have less than a week to prepare for it. (my hands are trembling as I type this)

More later on that.


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2 Responses to Spoke too soon

  1. tom says:

    “Big things are happening, and I have less than a week to prepare for it.” You are a tease!

  2. Calhoun says:

    I am so stoked for Whitey and yourself! It will be an awesome experience to say the least.

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