Tiring Two Days

Whitey somehow managed to break or sprain his wrist while golfing on Thursday afternoon.

I didn’t hear about it until I woke up on Friday morning and found this note on my laptop:

My first thought was that he was having another seizure when he wrote this, and I called him immediately. His right hand was worthless, and so began the two-day marathon of my life. Working opening to close is killer on me. My face droops, dark circles form under my eyes, and my body which normally never, ever aches or pains begins to tense up in my back. My own wrists swell from making so much food and doing prep, and they develop a “clicking” sound.

We stayed until well after midnight making dough, and by the time I got home I could barely drag myself up the stairs onto the porch.

The Elkhorn Cycling Classic is well under way, so we’re busier than usual. Lots of cyclists looking for special dietary needs, and we do our best to be able to accommodate vegan, gluten-free, veggie meats, soy cheese, etc. Tonight should be one of the busiest nights for us as they all try to carb-up before the big race tomorrow up Dooley Mountain. We donate all of the pizzas for the end of the race, well over 20 large pies that will need to be made and baked by tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. Yowza!

One of our regular customers came in yesterday with her boys, carrying a vase of flowers and a card saying that they had picked them themselves to cheer me up. Her timing couldn’t have been better.

A large orange poppy, a few daisies, and some noxious weeds. Super sweet, and kept me feeling much better about my day. Thank you Hills.

Then I got the nicest couple of emails from people, and even a drop-in from another person, all of whom made me feel so much better about everything that’s been going on. Even an invite to run away to one person’s Halfway home. If I could, I would. Until I figure out a schedule that allows me some time off, I might as well keep the cot in my office as a permanent fixture.

Alright. Off to work another busy night, although I do have my A-Team working and won’t need to work the line as much. Maybe we’ll get dough done quickly tonight and I’ll get home at a decent hour.

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2 Responses to Tiring Two Days

  1. Andi Sexton says:

    Oh dear! Hang in there!!!!!!!
    I’m scratching my head on the broken wrist via golf!

    Will work for pizza!!! If you have those moments when you need someone to help prep I’m your girl!

  2. satchel says:

    i’ve been hiring people to “fill me slot on the line” for several years now and i always find a way to keep working. once i thought i had worked my way out of the kitchen i created a pizza station in the prep room and cut a hole between the kitchen and prep room to slide the pies through. it’s not that i ever want to give up the pizza making but sanity has its benefits. hire hire train train. get people to work so you and whitey can work less. it is not as impossible as it sounds. it may take a while to re-steer the ship but it is do-able. and necessary. you’ll be there forever, others come and go. make it happen. hire and train. act like you won’t be there and you need the positions covered. THEN if you or whitey fall ill, the ship keeps sailing fine. and you might even find yourself taking a weekend off. i’ve got mine planned for july. (you need someone to do the books, someone to do the scheduling… you’re not a new business anymore. train people to do this stuff. you’ll be so happy later. it CAN get done without you. you’ll start to see new things you never noticed. new things that need attention… you won’t be without work:)

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