That’s Hot

I had a few leftover habanero peppers in our walk-in for a couple of days (having made a salsa with them for a personal meal). One of our employees, Juan, asked if he could have one and was munching on it with his lunch.

Obviously, with a name like Juan, he’s of Mexican descent and used to eating hot stuff.

Buehler watched him eating this bright orange pepper and asked if he could have one, too. I told him that it was hot, but he figured if Juan can eat one, they couldn’t be that bad.

And obviously, with a name like Buehler, he’s not of Mexican descent.

Within seconds, he was next door at the In-n-Out getting an ice cream cone… and crying like a little girl.

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One Response to That’s Hot

  1. Morghan says:

    I love it 🙂

    Grew up in the south eating a lot of real Mexican and Cajun food, then moved to SF and ate lots of real Asian food.

    I’m of the opinion that if food doesn’t make you sweat it has been made wrong and one of my favorite pass-times is giving people bites of my meal and sitting back to watch the show.

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