TMI, but whatever.

Today just started wrong.

Bad stomach pains, woozy vision, dog hair on my toothbrush.

And then the blood. My god, I thought I was over this. It was worse than the last one.

I’m just not meant to be pregnant.

Especially today.

So to my friends who have kids, look at them today with a different view when they’re crying or needy or you really need a nap. Raise them right, hug them tight, and then leave the cranky pizza lady alone for the next week. I’ll be fine, and some really happy people will feed you in my place, but this day is for me and my moody self.

I should be fine tomorrow. At least, that’s what’s on the schedule.

(and I’m not publishing any damn sympathy comments so just *don’t*.)

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4 Responses to TMI, but whatever.

  1. JC says:

    Got 5 of them rug rats from 11 to 26, nothing like having the police at your door at 4 am saying darling eldest daughter is in the hospital after rolling her car on the parkway after a night of drinking on Cino Di Mayo or calling a 3 am lost in a neighborhood after a night of Teqila drinking. Gotta to love them girls. Now my boys are easy compared to the girls a lot less drama to be had. My oldest son is a chef and will be graduating this year and my two youngest boys are 11 and 12 don’t know what the hell I was thinking have 2 more at almost 40 back then. Have to take those 2 on a 25 mile Boy Scout backpacking trip to the Strawberry mountains in Mid-July. These old bones will have to tough it out, I may just have to make a quick side trip to Baker City to try one of your pizzas. I’m sure after 4 days of dehydrated food your pizza would be to die for.

    Later JC

  2. DEBORAH says:

    Think of you often – really want a Stromboli!

  3. Missy says:

    F this situation, you have my love behind you, and I am more pissed than anything, because you will be a damn good parent if you ever have a child. Love you, and sorry I have been absent and didn’t see this until now.

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