I’ve missed you guys.


I’ve been busy, but not too busy to blog.


It’s just that….


I get angry thinking about certain people reading my words. And I know that they’re there. IP addresses don’t lie.

The ones I’ve taken on vacations who smear my name. The ones I’ve loaned thousands of dollars to when they were at rock bottom who don’t think I deserve to be paid back. The former employees who stole from our restaurant. The ones who wish me ill will. The ones who giggle and fist pump when I sit down and write about how sad I am after a miscarriage or a friend dying.

It’s a small enough town that we’ll always have friends of friends of friends, and hearing about someone finding pleasure in my heartache makes me angry. I’ve had moments of The Hulk happen — don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

And then I’ll have a sudden burst of Fug ’em and try to ignore the thought of these people reading my words.

So on that note, you know who you are. Go away.

And to my friends, I’m going to do my best to ignore the meanies and get back to my original self.



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6 Responses to Hello

  1. Tom says:

    Sorry to hear mean, nasty little people continue to trouble you. If its any compensation there are lots of people you think are friends and trust, who will turn against you in an instance for little or no apparent reason. Hang in there, your true friends will stick with you through it all.

  2. Sally Hains says:

    Try Google+ and create (only) friends in your circle.
    Keep blogging and telling your story!

    We visited your restaurant last time we traveled in Eastern Oregon. Duncan suggested as a must try and Chase and I very much liked the food and staff.

    Keep up the great job and smile.

  3. Jenny Freeman Barr says:

    Hi Kina – I agree with Tom! The nasty little people don’t even deserve your recognition so let’s not even acknowledge them anymore. Hold your head up proud and be the confident Kina I so fondly remember!

  4. DEBORAH says:

    Kina – you are a wonderful person and NO ONE can take that away – ignore the stupid people and be your lovely self

  5. JC says:

    “You can’t please eveyone, so you have to please yourself”
    Grab a glass of wine and listen to Garden Party be Ricky Nelson always brings a smile to my face.

  6. Kristen says:

    There are some of us x-employees that still heart u 🙂

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