A Beaver Playing the Trumpet

(well that title will get me more than a few Google search hits)

One of our kitchen guys came by to pick up his last paycheck before heading back to college. He’s an OSU Beaver, and plays the trumpet in the marching band.

He’s pretty shy, but incredibly witty, and gets my sarcastic/dry humor faster than most.

And he also gets nervous when put on the spot.

I had told him to bring his trumpet to work; that it was my birthday and I was insisting that he play me a tune. And then lo and behold — I didn’t have to go to work on my birthday.

He said that he had brought his trumpet, even so.

When he showed up this afternoon to pick up his final paycheck, I gave him hell about not bringing his trumpet to work everyday, and he quietly mentioned that yes, it was in the car outside.

I refused to give him his check until I heard my song, and off he went with a red face and a smile.

A great smile. 🙂

So here is the first public slash private performance of Happy Birthday To You, played at about a B-minus due to nerves:

Thanks, Trevor! We’ll see you over Thanksgiving (?) and hopefully for our Christmas party!

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