American Coke / Mexican Coke

I found Mexican Coca-Cola at Costco, and was excited to try it. I had heard that certain pizza places all over the country swear by it, and won’t serve American coke with its high-fructose corn syrup.

We did a blind taste test in our kitchen, and every one agreed…

Mexican Coke sucks.

The hype created a true let down. Real sugar didn’t make it taste any better, and the fountain soda that we tasted from our own tap was infinitely better.

Maybe it’s because we were all raised with the nastiness that is high-fructose corn syrup. Our taste buds are trained to like the sweetness and the carbonation that it has.

I read an article this morning that pretty much came to the same conclusion.

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One Response to American Coke / Mexican Coke

  1. Bri- says:

    Well for the next ten days all you’ll get is Mexican Coke. Enjoy it with lime and a little salt. Oh wait that’s a different drink.

    We’ll miss you. Have a great time.

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