Crew Retreat to Cabo, Sept. 2011

Our Paizano’s vacation to Mexico was awesome.

Eight of us flew from Boise to Cabo, and spent a week living together in an enormous home overlooking the Sea of Cortez. We ate big family meals outside in the palapa, drank too much, lounged in the pool for hours on end, went on a private charter to go snorkeling by the famous arch, went clubbing downtown…

The front gals went para-sailing and a couple of people took jet skis to open water. A group went deep sea fishing and brought back some of the tastiest Mahi Mahi I’d ever eaten. We bought touristy items, a few pieces of jewelry, and engaged in more than a few “come in come in, two fer one, come in” cries from bartenders.

Everyone came home uber tan and exhausted.

Slideshow #1 Here

Slideshow #2 Here


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2 Responses to Crew Retreat to Cabo, Sept. 2011

  1. monkeyinabox says:


    You rock as a boss. 😉

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