Price is Right

I recently watched Slumdog Millionaire and MAN that was a good movie. Many parts of the movie made me laugh, and then moments later sob, and then during the slower parts, think about the consequences of technology.

I often wonder the effect technology has on different generations.

Such as, I didn’t have a cell phone while attending school — how easy would it be to Google something on your phone now to figure out an answer to a test you’re taking? I used to just write it down on my upper thigh and wear a skirt on test days.

Or book reports… do kids these days even have to do book reports? How easy would it be to Google your entire paper the night before it’s due?

* Do kids know how the Dewey Decimal System works?

* If a house was on fire and the only phone available was a rotary dial, would they know how to call 9-1-1?

* Points off of an essay for spelling errors don’t count anymore considering that you type out your paper on a computer that has spell check capabilities.

* A photo can be taken on a phone and uploaded to the WORLD wide web within seconds. Ms. Monroe and President Kennedy would have been found out in an instant!

Even the Price is Right game show is rigged now. Your friend in the audience can look up the price of that can of tuna and throw you a sign, baseball style, to let you know if the price is higher or lower.

Hence Slumdog Millionaire.

Great movie. I recommend watching it if you haven’t already.

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One Response to Price is Right

  1. Jana says:

    Yes on Book reports and Dewey Decimal system

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