Make a (very) small fortune!

Bi-Mart has a promotion called “Lucky Number Tuesday”, wherein you show up on Tuesday and look for your member card number on the board. There’s one winner of a grand prize, usually a high-ticket item like a TV or appliance, and numerous other prizes of descending value. There’s a 1-in-10 chance of winning even a minor token prize if your last number matches.

I’ve won dry-cleaning sheets, a can of nuts, an energy bar, and once a package of batteries.

So recently, I noticed a gaggle of people surrounding the Lucky Number Tuesday board at our local Bi-Mart store, and came upon a great idea for making a few dollars each month.


Here’s my plan.


You pay me 25-cents each week, only one dollar a month, and give me your Bi-Mart card number. I go to Bi-Mart and check the board each week, and if your number is listed, I’ll call and let you know.

Or, you have the option of not giving me your number and I’ll send you a photo of the board to check your own  number.

$12 a year.

Instead of wasting gas, time, personal energy and then having to find parking, show your card, and then wander to the back of the store to see the numbers, you give ME twelve bucks a year and I’ll do it for you.

With 10,000 people within the shopping radius of Bi-Mart here in Baker City, I could probably rally between 200 and 400 people to give me a quarter a week, or even $10 a year (with a pre-pay discount) for a better chance to win prizes each week.

I’d make $2000 to $4000 a year by just checking the lucky numbers each week!



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2 Responses to Make a (very) small fortune!

  1. Tom says:

    Interesting idea. I am thinking if the prize claiming became too efficient, Bi-Mart would notice the Baker City store is handing out close to %100 of its allotted prizes. Wouldn’t you think they base the value of the prizes on the small percentage they actually have to award.

    • KeenEye says:

      Probably. But they couldn’t stop the promotion or they’d be the only Bi-Mart to do so. Not that I’m going to do this, of course. I just come up with random ways to make money. If I ever was unemployed, I wouldn’t be for long!

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