Brain Overload

I was certain I’d be asleep by now. The lunar eclipse early this morning completely ruined my daily routine by robbing half of my normal hours of slumber.

I stole another couple of hours sleep before showing up late for work, yet still didn’t get much done at (or for) work today. Blame it on the moon.

Had a troublesome day; not necessarily because of laborious tasks, moreso of Can’tPleaseAllOfThePeopleAllOfTheTime.

And here’s what’s ironic: The issue that should be stressing me out isn’t. It’s as if I’m taking the trashy problems and making them rot, only to dispose of them in the future when they are finally a big deal.

Barf. I hate euphemisms.

Did I mention that I’m working on opening a 2nd restaurant?

I need to go to sleep. That, or pop a shitton (my word, but please use an accent when saying it out loud) of Prozac.

Back to the numbers. At least I have a book light strapped to my head to illuminate a calculator so that I don’t wake my husband.



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One Response to Brain Overload

  1. Andi Sexton says:

    Oh!!! A second restaurant!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear the deets!!!!

    ps.. pink air in!

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