History repeats itself, sometimes

We keep a diary at the restaurant that we jot notes in regarding any significant activities that may sway sales one way or the other. It could be the weather, or a party, or a local sports game.

We refer to the past 3 years of diaries to come up with a guess as to how busy we may be for the current work schedule.

And sometimes, history repeats itself.

And other times, it’s exactly the opposite.

That’s a lot of words to explain that we have no idea how busy we’ll be, but we do our best to forecast our foot traffic.

Typically, December is straight-up average, except for the last week before Christmas. We’ll get a few large family groups, and a lot of college kids coming home for the holiday.

Yesterday was slowwwwww, except we sold more in gift certificates than we normally sell in actual menu items on an average day. That was a first. A large company in town bought 45 gift certificates to give as a Christmas bonus to their employees, so we were frantically printing, cutting and documenting them for over an hour.

This December so far has been down in sales, and I attribute that to the lack of snow. Bright blue sunny skies and temperatures in the low 20’s are not enticing to the usual tourists we’d see visiting our local ski hill or riding snowmobiles in Sumpter. We need snow, desperately. Although, it will probably show up in January, which is notorious for being our slowest month of the year.

I do my best to allow our crew to have their normal hours, even during the slow times. They have bills to pay, too. It does get frustrating, though, when we have more staff than stuff to do. I tell them to find projects — to keep busy — if you have time to lean, you have time to clean!

In the past two months we’ve had every ceiling tile in the kitchen pulled down and bleached, all of the walls re-painted, every dry rack has been emptied, scrubbed, and put back together, and the motors on all of our equipment blown out and cleaned. Our kitchen is so clean, the health inspector could eat off the floor. We’re running out of projects.



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