Taboo Topics

Politics. Drugs. Religion. Abortion. Punishment by Death via the Justice System. Homosexuality.

We all have our opinions. My opinions are correct. Your opinions are wrong if you disagree with mine.

Isn’t that how we feel? We congregate with others who mirror our beliefs, if only to back ourselves up when we have a tinge of doubt. Or, maybe it isn’t doubt…. maybe it’s to debate ourselves internally. After all, that’s how we came to our beliefs in the first place. Hopefully it isn’t because someone forced their opinions or beliefs upon us and we just nodded like a puppet and promised to agree.

I have acquaintances,  as well as close friends, who differ with me on the Taboo Topics. Therefore I try not to bring them up. It’s only when a random Facebook status update, or a forwarded quote, or a casual statement in passing find me rolling my eyes, sighing heavily, and trying to bite my tongue because *obviously* their opinion is wrong in my opinion.

But it’s just that. An opinion. A belief.


Even if I’m doomed to rot in hell for it, it’s my own free will. Besides, you wouldn’t want a heathen like me alongside of you in your heaven now, would you?



I was a registered Democrat when I was young. I changed my affiliation in my early 20’s to Independent until I realized I was unable to vote in the primaries because there was never a candidate running under that party affiliation. After opening my own small business, I quickly changed my affiliation to Republican realizing that I was voting with my check book. However, I can’t stand most of the Republican candidates and honestly just vote for whomever agrees with the majority of my opinions and beliefs. I did not vote for Obama, and while I agree with some of the decisions he has made, I don’t see myself voting for him in the upcoming election. I will give it serious consideration, however, if Mitt Romney is our Republican candidate. Or Newt. Just the four years of experience alone would push me to vote an incumbent over those tools.



My only drug is alcohol. Don’t even think about taking away my wine or pint of beer, and dirty martini is my middle name. I’ve tried illegal drugs in the past (not my recent past — a loooong time ago) and am happy to report that all the statistics are true: human beings suck at life while on drugs. White dope is the devil. That’s my religion talking now. Cocaine, meth, crack, crank, PCP, KKK (oh. wait. that’s a group affiliation, but it’s the same thing – if not worse).

Here’s where I might veer on your beliefs about drugs. While I may shake a stern finger at manufactured drugs, I am completely in favor of natural drugs. Marijuana.

I do NOT smoke pot. Even if I did, I certainly wouldn’t admit it here on my blog. But don’t read too much into that — I have tried pot in the past, and it is not for me. I’m too much of a control freak, and the effects of pot induce an “I don’t care” attitude which goes against every fiber of my being.

I grew up in Hawaii, and there is an abundance of recreational pakalolo use. My step-father (deceased) used to sell it, and he smoked it a LOT. I grew up thinking it was totally normal to have half-smoked joints on a plate in the kitchen, and Zip-Loc baggies bursting with fragrant herbs in cupboard drawers.

But I digress.

I know for.a.fact that marijuana helps people. I’ve seen it in action. I’ve watched a family friend dying of AIDS eat pot brownies and visibly be able to see his pain decrease. I’ve seen people with severe back pain be able to relax their shoulders and hear about them being able to sleep for once. I know of others who have cancer, and while the smoke may irritate their virgin lungs, they have relief of their incredible pain without popping a pharmaceutical Percocet pill, or pushing the button for more morphine (aka heroin).

Marijuana relaxes people. It stimulates an appetite. It makes you goofy and smiley and warm all over. It causes you to love a little more, stress a little less. Maybe the United States should just drop dime bags all over Iraq and get the locals stoned. It certainly wouldn’t escalate violence.

And no, you shouldn’t operate machinery while stoned, just like you shouldn’t when you’re drunk. I’m not advocating driving under the influence of ANY product, by any means.

16 states have legalized medical marijuana use, however, it’s still illegal under federal law. Even our government is at odds on this topic. My opinion is that the government wants to find a way to tax it to the maximum, and until then, it will continue to be illegal. And still completely easy to find and purchase illegally. Brilliant.



Why is this topic the most taboo? If my religion is different from yours, why should you care? As long as I’m not professing to kill you as a part of my religion, why do people of a different religion have a deep need to change others’ beliefs? Wouldn’t your ultimate satisfaction be that I was WRONG and I’m burning in hell when it’s all said and done?

How about I answer with this, when asked what religion I am: I agree with what you believe.

Because I do. If you are committed to your belief, I truly do believe that you believe. But it doesn’t mean I have to believe in your belief.

Go ahead and re-read that if you must. It makes perfect sense. Or at least, that’s my opinion.

If you don’t agree, declare war. That seems to be a common denominator of religious beliefs.



If you don’t want one, don’t get one. Just like if you don’t agree with elective amputation. Don’t cut your own limb off.

If a woman finds herself pregnant on accident, and knows that she is not able to take care of a completely dependent human being, she should have the right to terminate the pregnancy. The embryo. I’m not down with late-term abortion, except in the instance of imminent death of the mother for carrying the child to term. I also have the opinion that if a girl or woman is raped, she should not be forced to carry to term a baby whose father is a nasty, horrible, bad-genes kind of guy. We are humans, which means we are still animals. Genetics are handed down.

Just last week, a former classmate posted a graphic opinion to me via Facebook and I responded in opposite with one simple sentence. I was then bombarded via private emails with language including words that are SO-NOT-OK-to-use, and ending with her saying that she hopes I rot in hell. It’s a theme, I guess. Rotting in hell.

Here’s my opinion. I know of women who have children, not because they were trying to have kids, but because they are irresponsible and had unprotected sex. We’re talking multiple kids by multiple fathers, who can’t hold down a job, who smoke and drink and live in their baby daddy’s mommas house living off of the state because guess what? They MAKE more money in welfare by having a kid, and it would COST TOO MUCH to have an abortion. And if you’re poor, the birth and healthcare is paid for! Win win!

What chance does that child have for a successful life?

I just donated $400 to our local animal spay / neuter fund. I wish it could go to cutting the testes off of and removing the ovaries of some of the humans around me instead. Harsh, I know, but a lot cheaper in the long run.



An adult man abducts a 6-year-old child, brutally rapes her, then slashes her throat and dumps her tiny body as if it were trash.

I believe that man should be shot on sight, even if  for just the first of the atrocities. He will never.ever. be rehabilitated. He will never, ever, be a productive human being in society. And even if he “finds God” I wouldn’t want to stand next to him in the afterlife.

There is no such thing as forgiveness in my opinion when it comes to rape or murder.

As a society, we are taking perfectly good money and throwing it at trash by keeping these people on “Death Row”. They live better lives than some of our own neighbors: shelter, food three times a day, clean water, health care, exercise and entertainment via cable TV. They have the luxury of life itself.

You’ve heard about the letter written recently by the self-admitted murdered of a 17-year-old girl, right? I cried while reading about this, thinking of her family being taunted by this animal.

What a waste of space.



As with religion, I believe in what you believe. If you believe you love someone of the same sex, go for it. If you believe loving someone of the same sex is wrong, that’s your opinion, and most likely, your religious belief.

Love is love is love. Unless you’re loving my rottweiler. Then we’ll have a problem.

My husband and I were watching Top Chef the other night, and, in typical fashion, I said “MAN! Padma is so freaking HOT!” and he laughed and asked if I had a girl crush. ****

I guess I do. But what’s the difference in a girl crush or a boy crush? It’s a human being crush. She’s smart and gorgeous, and while I would never divorce my husband to be with her eventually choose my husband over being with her….


You get what I’m saying. Two human beings who want to be committed to each other should not only be allowed to marry, they should be allowed the same rights as any other two human beings. Why does our government preside over who we’re allowed to LOVE?

But that’s just my opinion.

****Photos of Padma – click here – you’ll have a human being crush, too!


So these are my opinions on the Taboo Topics. If you want to discuss them further, feel free. If you want to change my belief, please don’t bother. If you choose to not patronize my business because I feel this way, so be it. I won’t change who I am, and an even better excuse is that I can’t change who I am because of outside influences. I come to my own conclusions all by myself like a real grown up.

I’ve always lived by the Do Unto Others creed. I’ll loan you money, give you a place to live, make you a meal, buy you a ticket home, donate my time…. and I won’t ask for anything in return. I don’t need anything. That’s my own blessing, one brought about by living the life I do and following through on my beliefs.

Cheers to that!

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  1. Kris says:

    bravo! and not just because I agree with you 😉

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