Speaking of genetics

circa: 1994 ish

I had been on three dates with a guy and decided that I wanted to introduce him to my parents.

We met at a local restaurant, and I could tell right away that my mom didn’t like him. He spoke proper English, offered to play my dad a game of billiards, and was a typical nice guy… but something just seemed off.

Later, I stopped at my parents home and asked them what they thought of  “David”.

My dad didn’t say a word, but my mom? She gave me the most odd answer.

“His forehead is too small and his eyes are too close together.”


She told me that she had long ago figured out that those physical traits are commonplace in losers. I was dating a loser.

She ended up being totally right, as a week later he got angry and physical with me.

I share this story, because I noticed something about all of the photos on this website. Many of these mugshots prove her theory correct.

I wish I could remember David’s last name. I’d wager he’s got a record by now.


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One Response to Speaking of genetics

  1. Tom says:

    Great. Now I am afraid to look in the mirror.

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