and I mean Mean

A former employee thought it funny to sign me up for a baby magazine subscription, as well as an account on

Obviously, after opening up on my blog about my inability to get pregnant, this was a way to amuse themselves and hopefully have me reliving the anguish of miscarriage again.

Instead, I thank you for a great magazine resource to bring to work for those customers who are pregnant or are new parents.

And next time you do something so clever, use a proxy so I don’t know who you are.

You’re not that bright, and you’re just downright mean. It’s no wonder you can’t hold down a job.



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One Response to and I mean Mean

  1. Clay says:

    As someone who tried for almost a year for a child it’s amazing how insensitive people can be. The worst are parents who long to become grandparents. Hearing the repeated “when you are going to have kids so I can be a grandmother” gets old very quickly. If people knew the emotions of not being able to get pregnant they wouldn’t be so quick to comment. Now an employee doing that to their boss is just stupid.

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