7 Days to Perfection

I have one week until I leave for Nevada to enter into our second International Pizza competition.

Last year was a fiasco, and this year I’m learning from my mistakes. TSA does a number on checked luggage that has perishables, as proven by our cooler last year:

This year, I’ll send our dough and cheese overnight via FedEx. I’ll make the sauce on site. And I’ll buy all of our other ingredients at a fresh farmers market. Also, instead of a standard hotel room with a mini-bar in the fridge, I’ve rented a place that has a full kitchen to do our prep work in so as to be better prepared. I’ll also bring all of our own small wares, even though they claim that they will provide rolling pins, cutters, knives, mixers, etc. Having to practically arm-wrestle the competition for a simple utensil isn’t worth the headache.

This year, Whitey is going to stay home and hold down the restaurant. Instead, I’ll be taking Jake, our lead cook and overall nice guy. He’s pretty excited. The first time he’d ever been on a plane was for our trip to Mexico last year, and he’d never even swam in a warm ocean even though he’s a champion swimmer.

Jake making Waves

(Click photo to see animated gif)

We began planning for this trip in December of last year. Jake’s a very competitive person by nature, whereas Whitey is a *lot* more laid-back and camera-shy. When I asked Jake if he would want to compete, and if he could win, he stood a foot taller with an inflated ego. Inviting him was a boost of confidence in his ability, and we’ve been conjuring and cooking up possible pizza combos ever since.

And I do believe we have a winner.

It’s pretty darned amazing, and after the competition it will absolutely be added to our regular menu.

The recipe will remain a secret until after we compete, but I anticipate offering it as a special this weekend to share with our regulars.

I’m very proud of what we’ve come up with, and can’t WAIT ’til we get to wow the judge’s taste buds!

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