State Basketball Championships

This past weekend, Baker City hosted the Oregon State 1A high school basketball championships.

Every hotel room was booked, and there were more than four cars deep at a red light. That’s Baker City traffic for you.

It also was a huge boon for restaurants. Saturday was our second-highest revenue day since we opened our doors. It was controlled chaos all day. At one point, we had someone try to make a reservation for 50 people (“in about, oh, twenty minutes? Would that work?”), and when I explained that we only seat 49, she asked if she could reserve the entire restaurant instead later in the evening… about an hour later.


After saying SURE, for $500 per hour, she decided on delivery instead. 🙂

But all in all, everything went really smoothly, we made a few new fans of our menu items, and we got a little less sleep than normal.


Last night, we had a call from someone wanting to order enough pizza for 110 people, and he wanted it EXACTLY at 6 o’clock, no later. I get wary about these types of calls, having been duped before with a large order that was a big joke. His cell phone kept cutting out, and I finally was able to explain that he would have to pay in advance with a credit card before we’d start the order. Eventually, I gave him a number to text me at as well as my email address, and we ended up getting the order that way.

Sure enough, he shows up with a friend to pick up the dozens and dozens of pizzas and I just had to know where they were going. It was for two tour buses traveling over I-84. The buses were parked at a local grocery store so that the passengers could pick up anything they needed, and these two gentlemen were picking up the food. We were the only place that offered a gluten-free option, so they picked us to call first. One solitary passenger needed a gluten-free, and because of that, we ended up feeding another 109 people. Now that’s what I call #winning!


I’m finalizing our itinerary for our Vegas trip, and feel like such a dork. Whereas most people would be penciling in which casinos to hit, which buffets have the best seafood, or which shows to go to…. I’m trying to fit in workshops on Uplifting Appetizers, Dough Management, How To Make Authentic Mozzarella, and Menu Design.

Don’t get me wrong, I plan on having fun, but honestly these workshops are sparking so much interest that I can’t say they won’t be fun for me.

Other attractions for me will include seeing the Vegas Chinatown and eating pho and dim sum, as well as picking up Japanese novelties to bring back for the staff. I’ve been known to introduce them to some strange stuff after a trip like this. I hope I can get more flavored crickets.


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