Jake and I leave for Vegas tomorrow.

Our itinerary is set, bags are packed, and we made two rehearsal pizzas tonight to test our final product that we’ll be entering in the competition. They were fantastic!

Our schedule is very full: Monday is jam-packed until the late evening, Tuesday is chock full of workshops and walking the Expo floor, and Wednesday is our competition day. We’ll be up verrrrry early in the morning to do prep, and are scheduled to present to the judges at 11:55 am. We’ll know how we do later that evening when they post the scores after 6 o’clock.

If When we make the top of the list, we’ll advance to Thursday’s competition and cook again for top placement for another cash prize.

We’ll fly home on Friday, hopefully with big smiles in tow.

Think good thoughts, cross your fingers and toes, and stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Tomorrow

  1. Tom says:

    rots of ruck 🙂

  2. MOM says:

    Tuesday morning, fingers and toes are crossed and am waiting for that phone call.I just hope that your oven works well this time!

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