Pizza Cook Makeover

Luke showed up to work wearing dark blue socks, wanna-be bermuda shorts, and a Robotron t-shirt with bleach stains. His St. Louis Cardinals ballcap was the most fashionable thing he wore.

I couldn’t help but poke fun at his outfit, asking if he had borrowed it from his 4-year old nephew. Although, his nephew actually has fashion sense, so I should apologize for that.

Here’s what he looked like:


I know. I am a terrible person. Who am I to give fashion advice when I wear a work shirt every day with my capris and holy Crocs?

Except, I’m not an attractive young single person! I am a married woman who works too much. I’m allowed to have comfy clothes and no sense of style.

I told Luke that I wore those shorts back in the early 80’s, although I didn’t pair them with his oh-so-sexy dark socks and running shoes. We went back and forth for a while, and then Jake showed up to work.

Jake has a sense of fashion. He’s a good looking young man, and takes pride in a clean V-neck shirt and perfectly-fitting jeans.

I mentioned that Luke would look great in Jake’s outfit, and that Jake would most certainly not be as attractive without his ensemble.

I guess they took it as a challenge.


Doesn’t he look great? Really, though. Doesn’t he?


And Jake?

Well. Jake wanted his clothes back immediately.


Extreme pizza cook makeover. I need my own Reality Show.

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