Meh. It’s just a job.

Had one of our kitchen guys give me the courtesy of a 3-hour notice that he would be leaving to work as a wildland firefighter the very next day. Never mind that he was scheduled the next day (and the next, and the next), and that he had also switched shifts with a co-worker who had bought concert tickets for this weekend.

I guess his job here was a matter of convenience, and the rest of us can just figure it out. He’s got important sh*t to do.

It’s not like we get a lot of turnover is what’s frustrating to me. This guy had worked here since the Summer of 2009, and had taken last summer off to work as a fire fighter. We gave him his job back this past Fall, only because he had respected us enough to give proper notice when he left earlier in the year.

So now we have people working doubles to cover his shift, which doesn’t frustrate them in any way because they make more money. It’s ME that has to pay the overtime….

I’m just disappointed. And it looks like it will be a very busy weekend covering for his quick disappearance.


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