Same mistakes, only different.

Here’s a photo of our chalk board menu, which hangs on the wall at our restaurant:

And here’s a photo of the menu at our local brew pub, Barley Brown’s:

I pointed out to Whitey that I found a typo on their menu, and he casually mentioned that we have the exact same one our chalkboard menu. What?!? And you’re telling me now?

We’ve had the same chalkboard menu for almost five years now… and now I have to find the time and energy to take the massive beast down from the wall, erase and re-do the entire thing. Grrrrr.

Can you find it?

First person to find it and comment will be sent a free pair of Paizano’s “The Biggest Around” boxer shorts!

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10 Responses to Same mistakes, only different.

  1. Jon's wife says:

    “crushed red” and “rosemary-roasted red”. Red what would be my comment especially on BB’s menu. Yours at least says “Red Potato Pie” of what it is, so I would know that’s red potatoes. Am I right?

    • KeenEye says:

      You got it! Pretty funny… sometimes the most obvious things are overlooked. Now, where do I buy chalk?

      Shorts are in the mail!

      • Jon's wife says:

        HEH. There’s a teeny spot that you might be able to squeeze potatoes in there instead of redoing the whole board. 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    Another one while you have it down… “Chicken Cordon Bleu” (no blue chicken allowed!). 🙂

    • KeenEye says:

      I go back and forth with that one. We had it written as Bleu on our printed menu, and so many customers said we had a typo. I don’t dare correct them (because the “customer is always right”) and yet hate having “Blue” written instead.

      I don’t know. Maybe I’ll change it, or perhaps put both versions!

  3. Stacie Oberson says:

    Uhhhh, it is Bleu (:

  4. Jen says:

    Sacre bleu! 🙂

    If they want blue chicken, try KFC. Since I’m sure the ‘za is more than worthy of a “blue ribbon”… shrug. You know your clientele best! (Do they tell you that “Margarita” is spelled wrong too?) Hee hee!!!

  5. My $.02: change it to “reds”

  6. Soleil99 says:

    It should be cotija cheese not cojita! : – )

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