Is anyone still out there?


After almost a year of seclusion and not wanting to be so transparent, I’m back.

Last July, I found out some scary news about my health, and decided to keep things close to my chest (ironic) and concentrate on my treatment and recovery. And just this August, I have been given a clean bill of health!

I’m not the same. I know that. I’ve been through some pretty hairy shit, and still have a long way to go to regain my spunk and energy again. But I’m cancer-free. And I’m a helluva lot less tolerant and patient when it comes to idiocy. Life is short — really.

So here I go again. My yoga. My outlet. My blog.

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9 Responses to Helllllooooo?

  1. Cindy says:

    I am still here and just happened to stop by your blog to see if you had posted again. Congrats on your cancer-free status!!!! I am sorry you had a rough time but am very glad you are back. I had been a lurker for a long time. I don’t live anywhere near your restaurant (Kentucky) but if I did happen to visit your area…you would be the first place I visited. Best wishes and continued good health.

  2. megan says:

    Do it!!

  3. You’re back! Now I won’t feel so lonely blogging.

  4. kjg144 says:

    Hey Kina,

    I was surprised when you stopped blogging. I am glad to hear things are going better for you. I wish you the best through your battle.

    Miss you,


  5. Dave Goodman says:


  6. Deborah says:

    Kina – Where are you?

  7. Missy says:

    Hey! We’re still reading!

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