Festival of Trees

Due to lack of blogging, you may not be aware that we decorated a tree for the Festival again this year. The annual event is to raise money for our local hospital; this year, it was to purchase a new ultrasound machine. All of the trees are on display and put up for auction during a fancy-pants dinner that I never go to. I’m just the help. 🙂

Our theme was supposed to be Willy Wonka, but we were told that someone was already doing a Candy tree.

So we went with beer instead. Adult candy.

Front Page of the Baker City Herald

Front Page of the Baker City Herald

We had decided to get a head start on the tree by setting it up in Kris’ garage, and it took us over 15 hours to get the base of the decorations adhered. We used metallic spray paint and Martha Stewart glitter to enhance the plastic hops and pinecones before using a hot glue gun to get them attached to the faux tree.

Kris was leaving on vacation, and we’d only have one day (the day she returned home) to get the tree moved to the venue as well as put all of the finishing touches on it.

The night before she was to leave, I got a phone call at midnight. Kris was in hysterics.

They were dog-sitting for a friend, and her dog (Gabe) and the visiting dog (Hazel) had played tug-o-war with our tree. Decorations littered her front yard, and the tree itself was halfway through the doggy door in the garage.

After so much time and detailing of that dang tree, it was ruined.

I went over the next day to assess the damage and yes, it was pretty bad. Damn dogs.

Baker City doesn’t have a mall, or a Wal-Mart, or a Michael’s or Hobby Lobby or a large crafting store that I could’ve just popped in to so as to find replacement decorations. In fact, I found the last roll of burlap garland in all of Baker County at a gift store that specializes in home decor.

On set-up day, we arrived with our Charlie Brown tree at the venue where all of the other trees were already put up and people were putting the final touches on them. All glitzed out and glamorous, and here we were with a limp, broken, haphazard tree in need of serious love.

The first thing I did when I walked in the door was drop the biggest box of glitter-covered pinecones and clear glass bulb ornaments. Way to make an entrance, Kina.

Kris and I got to work, worried that we wouldn’t have enough time or resources to pull off what we had intended: The Best Tree of All Them Other Trees.

But we did it.

Our tree was, simply put, Impressive.

Beer Tree

Beer Tree

100 Bottles of Beer

100 Bottles of Beer

The gifts that were under the tree were the icing on the cake. 100 Bottles of beer (not corporate beer — only good stuff), lots of beer swag from breweries and our favorite beer gal rep at Graybeal Distributing, and the grand prize?

Barley Brown’s donated “Brewer for a Day” == the highest bidder of the tree would get to spend a day brewing beer at the Baker City Brewing Company, and then invite friends to the tap house for a catered Lasagna Dinner from Paizano’s. King for a Day!

Our tree sold for $1800. Makes me think I’m in the wrong profession, eh?


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