WordPress sent me a link to see my blog stats for 2013.

I have been blogging since 2003, and yet only published two blog posts in the previous 365 days.

My friend Kristen says that I never broadcast bad news. I only tell the good and then bitch about things that other people do that they control.

So. Here’s my excuse.


It’s a Happy Face and a nudie photo all at once. I’ll skip the photo of my boob, just so I can keep this a relatively PG post.


After going through invasive surgeries cleaning out my insides and removing numerous cancerous polyps and meaty tumors, I finally was able to have every organ that wasn’t necessary removed from my gut.

I have no womb. No fallopian tubes. I am left with a third of my colon (low tolerance for shit now, obviously) and they trimmed my bowels somehow. I have one ovary. Not sure why, and am still confused that it has no tunnel to drop an egg into. But it allows me “hormones” that keep me from going into early menopause.

Which is good, I think.

And yet, I’ve never stressed on it. Really.

I can honestly say that my tummy and boob have made me reflect and respect more than I ever have about my life, and lives in general. I appreciate more.

I’m still more fortunate than so many.

I was annoyed when I would try to talk and my husband would say “you realize that you’re on the table, right?” and he’d just read another magazine, reciting the headlines and telling me what was good in the cafeteria that day when I wasn’t able to eat.

bruised on up

This was after 5 days of poking needles and IVs in me. But I’m very thankful for it.


I’m not sure where the time has gone, but it seems like it’s flown by. My goals for 2012 disappeared, but have shown their face in the form of 2015. Life goes on. At least my life has.

I am so incredibly fortunate. And I truly appreciate my friends who have shared their emotions with this last year. Thank you. Now…

back to being me again. We’ll see where this goes.

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3 Responses to Excuses

  1. Aaron G says:

    Thank you Kina. Happy to have you here and to still know you.. And grateful for the time to be able to read your last few blog posts. I’ve wanted to reply to others but this dang thing wants me to create an account. So finally here I am, an official wordpress user.

  2. Deborah says:

    I have had that smile also – love you

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