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Free Food

It irritates me to no end. Someone gets their pizza and asks for something to add to it, and gets upset when they get charged. Just because you paid for your meal in advance doesn’t mean that you can order … Continue reading

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Crunchy Crickets

While in Bend, we stopped at the new candy store, Powell’s. Besides a ridiculous amount of sweets, they also offered crickets in assorted flavors. Not a typo. Crickets. Bacon n’ Cheddar, Sour Cream n’ Onion, Salt n’ Vinegar. I was … Continue reading

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The Grape/Apple “GRAPPLE”

I wrote about the Grapple back in November, and finally found Grapples available at our local Albertson’s grocery store. I bought a 4-pack. I just had to try the Apple that tastes like a Grape. You can smell the grape … Continue reading

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Free Candy!

Free candy, until they notice that they’re going to run out because I’ve told you all about it !!!  Click HERE

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Chocolate Potato Chips

Yes, it sounds very, very wrong. Chocolate-flavored potato chips are like deep fried ice cream and Rib-Eye-steak-flavored bubble gum. It just doesn’t sound right. Yet, you’re curious enough that you’d buy it at least once, just to try it. That’s … Continue reading

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Hooters is Nuts!

Hooters brand of snack foods now include roasted peanuts. Varieties include Hot Wing Flavored and Salted. I’ve had salted nuts, but never Hot Wing flavored. Very interesting….

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