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I am not my hair; I am not my breasts.

This makes me smile. Why do health insurance companies not cover mammograms until a woman turns 40? Why is that the “magic” number? When I win the big bucks, when I’m wealthy beyond my means, I’m going to purchase … Continue reading

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Bravo, Pavo! Not. / UPDATED

It’s taken me a long time to settle down and write this blog post so that I wouldn’t sound like a lunatic.  I’ve since come to terms with how to address the situation that got me so riled up, and … Continue reading

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Ski Anthony Lakes. Or don’t, and regret it.

Dear Honorable Commissioners, My name is Kina White. My husband and I moved here from Bend, Oregon in July of 2006. We had looked at moving to other areas such as Sandpoint, Idaho, or Port Angeles, Washington, yet were taken … Continue reading

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Politics n’ Religion

Steer clear, my momma always said, about talking Politics or Religon. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, and yet won’t falter to continue to try to change your mind if it’s not of the same persuasion. So I’ll just send … Continue reading

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Can we all agree that Kanye West is a pompous jerk? Even our president called him a “jackass” – the sound bite is all over the internet, and it just cracks me up hearing him say it. So when a … Continue reading

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God Bless America and it’s sponsors

One of our local newspapers inserted this into their publication last week: An American Flag, with directions that we should display it in our windows. Printed on the backside of Old Glory were the “sponsors” who paid for advertising their … Continue reading

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I’ve been stalling. Both during flying lessons, and on keeping this blog updated. I’ve recovered from the flight stalls (obviously, since I’m able to type), but the updating was still worrisome for me. I was seriously contemplating not writing a … Continue reading

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