Empty and Busy, Packed and Slow

If you were to drive by the restaurant last night, you’d think “Whoa, they’re slow tonight.”

With only two cars in the parking lot, that would make sense, right?

Except that we were quoting over an hour for pizzas, and I ended up having to call in Whitey to work the make line. We were slammed! I ended up taking four of the delivery orders just so they’d be on time.

When one of our regular customers came in for a take-out order, I knew he wouldn’t understand if we just put his order in rotation; waiting 45-minutes for one pizza would be too long, so I bumped him to the front. He probably assumed we were slow which is why he stopped by in the first place.

Then there are the days that every parking stall is packed, cars are parked on the street, and people will comment “I was going to stop in for lunch today but you were so busy!” and I just cringe. People don’t carpool, especially for lunch, and sometimes we’ll have a half-full dining room and a packed parking lot.

It’s frustrating.

But in other news, we were pretty pumped for having a great service last night. Even though it was overwhelming, everything got out in time and we had very few mistakes.

While cleaning the kitchen, we listened to Kenny Rogers on repeat, singing at the top of our lungs. Then the disco mix started, and you couldn’t stop the dance party.

The best move of the night?  The “Bus Driver” :

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